Welcome to Kisses from a Coconut...the place where I happily express and journal my experience with a healthy lifestyle and all the adventures that take place along the way all while....eating plants and other earthy foods, you know...real, living food!

I am a wife and mommy. I cook, clean, and do all those other domestic mama things. I love, laugh and love to learn as well.  I am focusing on God and treating the body that He created as kindly as possible so I can better serve Him.

So, who am I? Well, let me tell you one thing I am NOT...I'm not perfect. Who is? If you are I'd love to meet you...you are odd, for sure! ;-) I have spent most of my life seeking to be perfect through wrongful diet and excessive exercise. I learned the hard way that it is all about balance in life. I now have a much healthier outlook on life and wellness...it is much less distorted. I am keeping it God-centered and balanced. It is a journey that makes me happy and excites me to share my knowledge with others as well as to learn as much as I can from others.

Okay..here's a bit more about me. I am a 30's something mama to two little ones. I have a little girl and a big boy who are 22 months apart. They are best of buds, which melts my heart. It is so great to see them interact and always usually play together nicely. I'm so glad I had them close in age..though, at times (in the beginning) I doubted whether my decision was a good one (lack of sleep can mess with a person's mind).

I also have an amazing, out of this world hubby. I consider myself to be the luckiest woman on this earth to have snagged this man. Okay, I will try to lay off the mush, but when you are in love...it just kind of shows. We are coming up on seven years of marriage on the 6th of July and I can truly say I love him even more today than on that wonderful day.

Hmmm...what else about me? Well, I went to school for psychology and elementary education and graduated in 2004 from SAU with a BA in Psychology with license to teach grades K-8. So, being that I am so blessed to stay at home with my kids, I make sure I keep my teaching certification up through on going education classes (which I can do via internet).

I also am planning on homeschooling (or unschooling) my kids for as long as I can. I will take it year by year, but I am thrilled to have the opportunity to teach my kids!

I love photography, physical fitness, experimenting with healthy concoctions in the kitchen. I consider myself to be high raw, mostly vegan. I could never be a "true" vegan as well, I do indulge in honey from time to time. Nope, not getting rid of the honey. Oh, and the occasional organic egg.

I am an artistic soul. I Love art in many forms. Abstract paintings make my heart dance. Decorating is a passion. I have so many ideas and love just dreamin' my heart away. It's therapeutic for me. I only wish I had more time to focus on bringing some of those dreams to fruition! Baby steps..

I am also a coconut-multi user...it's true. I love em' (thus the name of the blog)...coconut water, coconut oil (this is my daily skin moisturizer, by the way (well, that and raw shea butter)...they are just lovely. So, healthy and so refreshing!

Natural body care is something that I enjoy learning more about. I seek to make my own "products" as much as possible to keep it as close to nature as possible and to keep as many toxins out of mine and my family's system as possible.

I aspire to inspire people to embrace wellness in all areas of their lives. I also aspire to be inspired throughout my own wellness journey! Thanks for exploring my blog!

The lyrics to the Casting Crowns song, 'Who am I' popped into my head today while thinking about that question...here are the lyrics..go listen to the song. It's great!

(Casting Crowns 'Who am I')

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