Wilderness Family Naturals

Hello All! How has life been treating you? I hope wonderfully...

Speaking of wonderful..allow me introduce you to some products I was recently able to sample and review.  Wilderness Family Naturals sent me a package with some goodies in it to try. 

Let's just say it was coconut heaven.

First off we have their Extra Virgin Centrifuged Coconut Oil

My Review: This coconut oil is amazing!! A friend had told me a while back just how rich the taste of coconut is in this coconut oil. After trying this one I agree with her 100%. The taste is wonderfully coconutty.

Next up we have their Coconut Spread.

My Review: This spread is mouthwatering delicious! So far, my favorite way to eat this is on toast or with just a spoon. I love how it is raw and certified organic and that it does not contain nasty colors or preservatives.

Then there's the Coco-Loco Spread..

Sorry..this picture is a bit on the crooked side. ;-)

My Review: What is not to love about a tasty combination of coconut and chocolate? This is a delicious spread that kept my spoon coming back for more..okay, it had me coming back for more. ;-) This spread is also raw, certified organic, and free from extras like preservatives.

Last, but certainly not least is the Mango-Tango Spread..

My Review: The Mango-Tango is my kids favorite!!! It is a wonderful, tasty combo of coconuts and mango. Each bite had me feeling like I was on a tropical island....I kid you not. I did have to close my eyes for this feeling to occur,though (I mean it is Winter time, after all). ;-)  My kids referred to it as a "treat". It certainly was.
This spread is also raw and certified organic, and you won't find any artificial colors or preservatives in this, which makes this mama happy.

Wilderness Family Naturals offers some amazingly yummy products..I will be back for more, for sure! 

Well, I better get going....lots to do. Plus, the end of the kid's quiet time is just about over, which means I will read to them and we will cuddle. Oh, how I love story time... (okay, my heart is melting now). 

I will be back on the 1st of February with the announcement of the winner to the CSN Stores.com giveaway winner. You still have time to enter...click HERE to do so. Contest ends the 31st of this month. ;-)

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Have a happy, blessed weekend!

Love, Kelly

FYI: Wilderness Family Naturals provided me with the products above for the purpose of review on the blog. The thoughts and opinions posted within this review are mine and mine alone...I wouldn't have it anyother way!


Follow-Up on Homemade Dishwashing Detergent

Hello there! I hope you all are having a lovely weekend filled with fun and love!

Today, I wanted to post a follow-up review on the homemade dish washing detergent recipe I posted a while back. You can see that post HERE.  I got the idea to do so after reading Kera's blog post this morning on this very topic. She, too, is experimenting with the same recipe, as well as homemade laundry detergent (which, I, too am LOVING the results from the homemade laundry detergent).. I will be keeping an eye on her results to see what she ends up thinking of it. (I mean, it could just be me..maybe the dishwasher, itself).

In the beginning this recipe was fabulous! The dishes came out very clean. L.O.V.E. Unfortunately, lately the dishes have been coming out of the dishwasher a bit on the blah side. Not too clean. So, this makes me sad. Dishes should be clean. ;-) So, for the time being I am taking a break from it for a while while I revise and review this recipe.

So, maybe it's build-up. Not sure. I am always very careful to put the vinegar in the rinse aid (very important step). So, I assumed this would take care of build-up. Oh, here's the recipe so, you can see the simplicity of the ingredients (I like it simple).

Homemade Dish washing Detergent

1 Tbsp Borax
1 Tbsp Washing soda (not to be confused with baking soda) (Washing soda can be found in the laundry isle   of most grocery stores)
Vinegar (To be used as the rinse aid)

I mix up lots and put in a mason jars (gotta love mason jars). Shake it up, little darling and then put two Tbsp in the dishwasher for every load.

I use plain white vinegar, but only had apple cider vinegar at time of picture taking. ;-)

So, this is a to-be-continued post...

Kera, please keep us posted on your results and thoughts. ;-) We'd appreciate that.

Anyone ever try this recipe for homemade dish washing detergent? I'd love to hear about your experiences as well as any tips with homemade dish washing detergents.

Meanwhile..be sure to enter my current giveaway for a $35 gift certificate to CSN Stores. Click here to enter.

Have a great rest of the weekend!



CSN Stores Giveaway!!

Hello all! I hope you all are doing wonderfully! I am right back on track today playing catch up on the good ole' blog..and as I promised you all many moons ago....A most fantabulous giveaway....

Now, I am sure many of you aware of the awesomeness of  CSN Stores. For those who are not..CSN is comprised of over 200 online stores, selling everything from:  

to cookware

And so much more!!

CSN Stores and I have partnered up to offer one lucky winner a $35 gift certificate for any of the over 200 online stores at CSN Stores.

Not too long ago I, myself, won a gift card giveaway from Lauren's blog, Ginger is the New Pink. Thanks Lauren and CSN Stores!

This is what I got and I LOVE them!

First off I got the Paderno World Cuisine Spiral Vegetable Slicer:

Perfect for raw pasta!

Raw pasta in the making...

All that's left of the yellow squash! 

Perfect for stir-fry!

I have been loving these kitchen goodies! They are fabulous!

One thing I love about CSN Stores items is that the prices are very user-friendly. Plus, the shipping was super fast!
I will order from them again!

So, on to the details of the $35 gift certificate giveaway!

To enter:
1. Become a follower of this blog. If you already are a follower then just say so in a comment.
2. Go to the CSN Stores site and tell me what you would choose if you won the giveaway!
3. Follow me on Twitter. @coconutkelly
4. Follow CSN Stores on Twitter. @csnstores
5. Tweet about this giveaway. Please be sure to include @coconutkelly and @csnstores in the Tweet so, I can track it. Thanks!
6. If you have a blog, you can blog about this giveaway. Please include a link to this giveaway in the blog post.

*Please leave a separate comment for each item completed.*

*There may be international shipping charges in the case of Canadian addresses (CSN only ships to the US and Canada.)

Winner will be randomly selected on January 31, 2011.
I will contact winner via email and winner will have 48 hours to respond, or sadly another winner will be randomly selected. :-(

This giveaway was made possible by CSN Stores.

Go for it!

Peace & Love, 


Coconut Secret: A Review

Hello all! I hope everyone's 2011 has been off to a great start!

We are settling into the swing of things in Gulf Shores, Alabama. It is a lovely place. Lots to do...and well, it's a tad bit warmer than it is in Chattanooga right now and that's just fine with me!! Chattanooga (as many places have been) has seen LOTS of snow, and though I think snow is rad, I don't like it when I can't leave my driveway for too many days. So...the Gulf Coast is proving to be lovely.

I have realized that because I have been without internet for awhile as well as being so busy with life, that I have fallen behind on many of the posts I need to get to. So, I will be playing catch up for some time to come.

One of the areas I have fallen behind and will quickly work on getting caught up is in the area of product reviews. Oh, I love to review products and am kicking myself that I have not been able to get the reviews for the products up quicker. So...on to the review of the day (can't promise a review a day, but it sure would be nice if I had that kind of time lately). ;-)

I gratefully received a package from the fabulous people at Coconut Secret. They sent me three incredible products that I am thrilled I had the opportunity to sample. I will be buying these products in the future when I run out.

First off we have the Raw Coconut Aminos  (left): This was amazing! I used it in stir-fries, on potato wedges, as well as a marinade for tempeh. The flavor is fabulous! I have been a long time user of Bragg's Amino Acids and found that I could easily switch to this instead. Great product!
For more info see HERE.

Next we have the Raw Coconut Crystals  (middle): Yummy! One word says it all! I use this in pancakes and anything else that calls for sugar. It is a much healthier (and much tastier in my opinion) alternative to refined white sugar!
For more info see HERE.

And Finally...we have the Raw Coconut Nectar (right): I used this as I would honey. This is so yummy over oatmeal or overnight oats, as well as in tea! The flavor is very tasty! The possibilities are really endless with this product. I have lots more experimenting to do with this and I am super bummed that it didn't make it in the box to go to Gulf Shores. I will have to make a trip back home sometime to get it, for sure. ;-)
For more info see HERE.

I like how all of these products are raw as well as vegan, and gluten free! Like I said...the box containing a couple of these goodies did not end up in my kitchen here in Gulf Shores, and that makes me sad. I must really do something about that.

Have you tried Coconut Secret products yet? What are your favorites products? Any recipes you'd be willing to share using these products?

Peace & Love,

P.S The above products were sent to me free of charge to sample and review for the blog. The opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone. I wouldn't have it any other way! 
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