Exercise as of Lately..

Hello all!!! Long time no post... ;-)

I love group fitness...oh how I love it! I love everything about it: from the friendships made within the classes, knowing that you and everyone else in the class are working hard and towards a variety of goals, to the motivation that comes from being in a group fitness class.

Spinning: one of my favorite group fitness classes

I used to teach aerobics classes, and look forward to getting back into that. Until then I enjoy being a part of a class. It truly keeps me going.

Now, don't get me wrong...I am self motivated when it comes to exercise. If I miss too many days I feel it..whether it be my mood, sleeping habits, so on..I feel it. And it isn't pretty. I can get pretty irritable without my exercise. An unexercised Kelly, is a moody Kelly. ;-)

I, currently, do not belong to a gym...so, sadly, no group fitness classes for me *tear*, but that's okay...lately, I have been well, kind of tired and exhausted (read why here soon) but what I do have available to me in the apartment complex where we are staying at for awhile, is a pretty nifty fitness center with cardio machines and weight machines. I like the cardio machines, especially when it is too cold to exercise outside. I am personally more of a free weights fan, myself. We brought those with us...so, I can leave the weight machines to the other users...granted at 5:30 in the morning there is not a large number of people working out with me, anyhow.

An issue I have encountered lately, which is sadly causing a decline in my exercise level, is low iron. Yep, the dreaded anemia strikes again. Once a month I get hit by the iron sucking period. Period. Oh, okay...some of you may not want to hear this. Sorry. Close eyes now if need be...the flow is pretty heavy. Not sure why..I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the fact that I have had children, as my period does increase with each child..thankfully I only have two, and thus am still alive. ;-)

So...I have been drinking liquid chlorophyll (doesn't get much greener than that, folks) as often as I can to help with anemia. Anyone else try this method? Meanwhile...while I am zapped of energy, I am also bummed...bummed that I do not have the energy to exercise like I would like to. In addition to the liquid chlorophyll I have been trying to drink green smoothies daily (love).

Oh, one other thing I will try to help with the anemia is ulsulphured blackstrap molasses. It is quite nutritious. I have also heard that it helps with gray hair,too (I believe that is due to the copper it contains). This would be a nice bonus....help with those pesky random grays and an anemia treatment..I'd take it. ;-) Any of you use blackstrap molasses for any of those reasons?

When I bounce back, which I am faithful I will...I will resume:
-running,  lots more weight training, and a serious ab routine (oh, I love ab workouts!!!, really!)
oh, and will also be getting serious about starting up this:
anyone else doing this??

Also...will be doing lots more workouts with Zuzana over at http://www.bodyrock.tv/. She has amazing workouts, which I love!

And...last but certainly not least..If I can manage to get a copy of the Beach Body's P90X exercise dvd's I will get to work on those, too. When I taught fitness classes in the past I incorporated many of the routines from this awesome program into my class. We saw amazing results! At that point, I had borrowed the program from a friend...it's due time to own it myself, don't you think? ;-)

So...that is what I have been up to exercise wise. I can't wait to get back into the swing of things with exercise. I miss it, but when my anemia is pretty bad I have to be careful with how much exercise I do. I tend to over exercise anyway so, this sort of helps balance me out, I suppose. ;-)

health & happiness,


CSN Stores Giveaway Winner!

Hi All!
 This is going to be an itty bitty post...I simply wanted to make sure you all knew the lucky winner to the CSN Stores giveaway....

Sorry for the quite unattractive picture of the number generator results..I will eventually learn how to put the results page into the post and not just snap a picture of it on my camera..until then that time...this will have to do.

So, the winner is...comment number 23. Who is number 23? The fabulous raw chef, Amber Shea, that's who! She has a great blog, which I love...http://almostveganblog.com/.

Congrats, Amber Shea!

So, like I said..this was an itty bitty post. Ever have one of those days when your head is pounding? It's one of those rare days for me..my sinuses aren't treating me so kindly. ;-(

Must close my eyes..looking at a computer screen isn't something I want to do. I think a nap (before the kids finish up their quiet time) will be in order. ;-)

Have a wonderful day!

Be back soon.


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