Castles in the Sand

Hello all!
I hope everyone has been doing just wonderfully! Life has been crazy busy, but crazy good all at the same time. We are currently hanging out at the beach for approximately 6 months. My hubby got a project out here so, life will be a beach for awhile. I am super thankful, too, that a friend of ours will be staying at our house  holding down the fort while we are away. Gotta love great friends who need a place to live!!

So, we are enjoying life at Gulf Shores/Orange Beach, Alabama area. I am loving it. The weather is still a bit chilly and windy on some days, but overall lovely. Not bikini weather YET but, still great for buidling castles in the sand and collecting seashells by the shore. ;-)

I was in quite a hurry to head out the doors since I discovered that the hubby has a beach front condo for the next two weeks (we'll be home for the holidays then depart again) and since there was an ice storm heading to the TN area I thought we'd beat the storm and head out early. In the process I lfet behind some essentials..one of which being my cell phone charger. I am phoneless because I accidently left my cell phone charger at home.. I have been wanting to update phones anyway (something smarter, you might say) and well, could not imagine buying something for a phone I did not want to keep...call me cheap, call me silly...well, nevermind...you can't call me if I am phoneless. ;-)

I also forgot to pack that fabulous little cord thingy (oh, I am so techinally wordy, huh?) that puts the pictures on my camera to my computer. So, I have lots of pictures to post but can't right now. Will get those up when I am back home during the holiday. Needless to say this post will be photoless. ;-(

So, today I am on a hunt for a place to live starting the first of the year..wish me luck. The sweet hubby has let me borrow his laptop while he went to work this morning so I can get a move on that so I better get that done.

Have a wonderful day, Lovelies!!

Peace & Love,

P.S. I know I have mentioned it before but I really do have a CSN Stores giveaway coming soon. So, if I have internet tomorrow (fingers crossed) I will get that up. Internet has been hit or miss these days. So, please be patient with me. Getting situated in a new place is taking time....but, anywho... Keep your eyes open for that giveaway...CSN Stores rock in case you didn't know!! ;-)


Product Review: Tropics Best Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Hello all! Wow, it seems like ages since I've blogged. Well, let's just say that I could make up tons of excuses as to why my posts are few and far between these days...but, would you really want to hear "read" it? I'll just say busy busy are my days. When things slow down (which they will) I will post more. So, meanwhile....please be patient with me. ;-)

So, I happily received a jar of virgin coconut oil to test and review from the kind people over at Tropics Best.

Oh, I love coconut oil!

This is some yummy coconut oil! I would recommend this coconut oil to all coconut oil lovers and to coconut lovers, in general. This truly is full of coco-nutty flavor, which scores big in my book!

As someone who loves to try out new coconut oil brands, as I am on the hunt for the "best", I was very pleased and came to the conclusion after using this coconut oil that this jar makes me happy (well, the stuff inside the jar). It did not disappoint! Fresh and yummy!

Well, I better go...I realize this is yet another short post..I beg for your patience. ;-)
Have a lovely evening! Continue to stay tuned for fun things to come on this blog. Really, I'm serious. For starters..I've got a CSN gift card giveaway coming up.You won't want to miss out on that one. Trust me!

*Tropics Best supplied me with a jar of coconut oil to review on my blog. All of the opinions posted within the post were mine and mine alone. I simply share my honest opinions to those who will listen.

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