Potato Angels with a Splash of Green Smoothie Mustache

Hi Bloggies! I'm back...it's been awhile! Oh well, life happens! Life is happening, in fact, in a fast and furious, yet fun fashion!

The hubster and I have busy with the new engineering business...getting company logo all designed from our fabulous graphic artist and friend, Mandy Phillips with  Visual Connections. So next up.. business cards done, company brochures, office fixed up (well, my hubby is working on that). So much to do! Through it all , I truly see how God is leading and blessing us, and I am so very thankful. Things are falling into place....Praise be to God, for sure!

Meanwhile on the home front..I am working on marketing for the company and going to as many Chamber of Commerce meetings as I can. I am enjoying getting out and meeting other adults, and of course working with my hubby to better the business is wonderful. When I'm not doing marketing and trying desperately to keep the house clean (a bit hard to do when little hurricanes aka children keep the house in flip flop shape) I am homeschooling my four year old..we are both enjoying all the preschool lovelies..my youngest is also enjoying the activities.

I am also experimenting with going gluten free as much as possible, as I believe I may be gluten intolerant. Really, the only signs of intolerance I have is that feeling sluggish and overall unwell after eating gluten. As if my digestive system is working overtime. A friend told me I should rule this out.

I do feel so much less zombie like when I keep gluten  out of my system. But, I'm a bit nervous about this endeavor. I can do the vegan thing just fine. I am not allergic to dairy, and I generally do not eat dairy at home, but away from home I may have some and that is fine with me. I do it for health reasons..not for animal's sake..though, I do love animals don't get me wrong.

So, I realize to really test for an intolerance to gluten I will have to take it out of my diet for at least six weeks..this is concerning. Simply because it is going to cost more money and take so much work. I work enough as it is about making sure my family and I eat healthfully..I'll figure this out, but am just a bit apprehensive. Would love any one's input and suggestions. I feel as if I don't know where to start...fortunately, I know of some awesome blogs that are gluten free. Here's my issue..every recipe that looks tasty that I come across I find that I am missing ingredients (expensive ones at that) and of course, I do not know how I would replace the missing ingredient with a substitute. Errr....so frustrated! But, I realize I can do this with God's help and support from family, of course. So, I continue to do research and brace myself for the bumpy ride. ;-)

I love this picture of my youngest after she finished her green smoothie. Green mustache, of course! She was about ready for her afternoon nap at this time. Can you see the tired in her eyes? Now, do you all look so green after downing a magical green smoothie? ;-)

Also, I recently made some Potato Angels and they are delish..I love the name. They are a vegan eggless version of deviled eggs..you must make them. My hubby loves them! This is saying ALOT! Trust me! This is from one of my favorite vegan  recipe websites, VegWeb.com. Click here for the recipe and get to making some angelic food. ;-) THE RECIPE. Let me know what you think!

So, anyone else gluten free? Any fabulous resources you would like to share? Maybe some tried and true gluten free recipes??
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  1. It sounds like you are very busy. Starting a business can be a lot of work. My husband would like to start one but I'm not ready. You can probably understand why since you're going through it. I'm wishing you lots of luck! :)

  2. I completely understand..yep, loads of work. It's totally worth it, though. Plus, it's fun working along the hubby and doing what I can. I say go for it. "Now is as good a time as any!"...wise words spoken by my very wise hubby right before we embarked on the business starting journey! Go for it!

  3. AWW! The smoothie mustache is too adorable! :]

  4. I've been gluten-free for ages. Most of my raw eats are naturally gluten-free of course. As for grains, I do quinoa and certified GF oats and some corn. Beans and cooked veggies. My staple cooked foods. For baking, you could use an all-purpose GF flour and just sub it in for regular flour. Works for me. I don't like to mes around with too many tricky combos of GF flours. Good luck!


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