Feeding Kids Right..Teaching Kids About Healthy Eating

I get so excited when I see kids eating healthy foods and being conscious of the foods they are eating. Kids need to be educated on the importance of healthful eating, just as they are taught mathematics and grammar. This kind of education should start in the home. Parents truly have the power to encourage their kids to eat to live as opposed to live to eat. Of course, this takes the parents themselves believe in the importance of feeding their bodies healthy, nutrient-rich foods.

I am very passionate about eating healthfully and teaching my kids the importance of eating clean, real, fresh foods. I hope that they will continue on with living healthy lifestyles years after they leave our home and go off and make their own food choices. I also teach my kids the importance of having certain things in moderation...meaning, yes, it is okay to eat sweets in small amounts (and I hope that my love of raw dessert experiments  pay off and they seek those...hey, it's worth a try, right)..fortunately, they LOVE all of my kitchen creations.

Now, don't get me wrong...I am not perfect. I'd love to meet you if you have this area of diet and nutrition all figured out. I love to learn as much as I can. Everyday I learn something new that I put into practice, whether it be a new exercise, a new recipe, new natural remedy, etc. I'm always seeking new information and I am not hesitant to discontinue eating something (or at least cutting down on it drastically) or doing something that I learn to be harmful to myself and to my family. After all, I look at it as my job as a SAHM to do this.  Of course, it is also a passion of mine, as well.

My kids are very familiar with fruits and veggies. It is a part of their lives. We love to look for the colors of the rainbow in our food. The brighter the colors the better!!

It is my dream to have my kids look at food as a way they can keep their bodies healthy and also to realize that by eating healthy foods they help their minds stay strong for focusing on God.

Unfortunately, not every one looks at food the same way I do. Many kids, sadly never eat any fruits or veggies. Shocking, too, is the fact that many kids can't recognize fruits and vegetables (as I learned from this video below). This is saddening.

While I taught preschool in Colorado some years back, I saw glimpses of this growing problem of children not being fed nutritiously, and thus not being taught healthy eating practices. Many of the students came to school each day with belly aches and illnesses. Each and every day these kids came to school with lunches consisting of only processed junk (can we really classify the junk as food? No, we can't.). As the teachers, we talked with the parents encouraging them to pack more fruit and veggies. Some began to do so, some did not. We sent out letters requesting healthier lunches be sent with the students. Now, don't get me wrong..this was not the case with all the students, but I would say majority. My heart ached for those students with constant tummy issues. Fiber would have done their bodies good, but being kids...they couldn't do much to change what they were being fed.

What can be done about this?? Education is key, I would say. Watch this video and see what I mean.

Processed foods can be so easy and inexpensive. I think this has much to do with how fast paced our society is...we need things cheap and in a hurry. This is killing us (or atleast those who fall into the trap). Sad, but true.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Have you ever caught yourself sneaking in processed foods into your child's diet for simplicity sake? Have you made changes for the better? I'd love to hear your feedback.

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  1. Great post! It's such a complx issue. I think we need to slow down more, love and appreciate food for it's nourishment rather than just to give us satiety and emotional "support". It's also about education and showing people quick and easy ways to make delicious, healthy food. Oh, and I love Jamie Oliver! x

  2. Sarah, I agree 100% !! Thanks for your comment!

  3. Kelly, I love this post. So very true! This is something I became convicted of (only) about 2 years ago. I want my kids to see their bodies as a gift from the Lord and to keep it healthy, as much as depends upon them. I try to keep that mentality with my own "diet"...with a little room for grace.

  4. Great post, Kelly! I can only hope that by making healthier choices now my tots that they will continue to do the same as they grow older! So far so good! :)

  5. Lara, I know exactly what you mean. I, too, want my children to look at their bodies as something that are gifts from God and in realizing this, to help them understand ways in which they can keep their bodies healthy and going strong for Him.

  6. La Mama Naturale' (I love your name BTW). Thanks for your comment! And I hear ya...so far so good for us, too! ;-) Keep up the great work, mama!!

  7. Love the video! Love Jamie's work! Would love it even more if he promoted raw vegan lifestyle :)

  8. Angi! Thanks for your comment..yes, I think he is doing a great job getting the word out about healthy eating and education. And yes, what an impact that could have if he and others were promoting the raw vegan lifestyle. Lives could be forever changed with that kind of education!!

  9. You are so right! I am hoping that our "future" kids will be vegetable lovers and other healthy foods. I think its great to open thei eyes to such goodness. Processed foods are quick and easy but thats not the big pciture here. Yes, easier said than done for moms.

  10. Lindsay, I am sure your "future" kids will be fed healthfully and in doing so you will have some veggie lovin' kiddoes on your hands. I figure, if I keep all the processed junk at the store and out of my kitchen...well, that is a great start. Right? Oh, and I just printed off your recipe for the raw blondies!! They look so yummy!! Thanks for posting it!!

  11. Seems like we have alot in common. Except, I developed my vegetaraian ways and healthy life style because of health problems. I also am very interested in living green and preserving our environment, and of course being as frugal as I can. Thank you for letting me visit. I've enjoyed it.

  12. Susan, thanks for stopping by! I, too, am always looking for ways to be more frugal! I will check out your blogs!

  13. I can't find the comment button on your latest post. :( Is it just me? I'm sad about Yoda!

  14. HiHoRosie! Nope, I can't seem to find the option either to post a comment. I can't figure out what is wrong! Ahhhhhh!! Thanks for letting me know!


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