Easy Peasy Coconut Milk Makin' with Native Forest!

I hope everyone is having a super sunshiny day! It's a bit on the cold, dreary side here but, I can still feel the sunshine within! ;-)

Well, today I wanted to share with you a little trick for making coconut milk. Me talking about something coconut? Hmmm...imagine that!

A friend of mine recently shared with me her trick for making homemade coconut milk, similar to those found in grocery stores. I quickly ran out a purchased a few cans to try my hand at making coconut milk as well as coconut milk kefir.

The cartons of coconut milk can be a bit pricey and I'm all about saving a few dollars when I can. Another thing is that most of the time it appears that the main bulk of the purchase comes from water?? True, it would be best to get the coconut milk straight from the coconut, but for those who lack the time needed to crack open the nuts of goodness..this is your answer! Of course, for optimal nutrition you should get it from a fresh coconut..that would be best! This would be your next best choice. An option I am glad I discovered! It makes my taste buds dance.

Okay...so, onto the recipe:
I've been using Native Forest brand canned coconut milk as it is the only company that I am aware of that does not use BPA canning.

So, you simply open up the can and mix with 2 1/2 to 3 can fulls of filtered water. Shake it up before each use. It's that simple! 

It appears that the cost of the Native Forest brand varies from store to store so, I'm still searching for the best deal. Greenlife grocery seems to be the best at the moment, followed by Earthfare.

Coconut milk is relatively low in protein so, I might experiment with adding a smidge of protein powder to the finished product, but maybe not. It's just a thought. We shall see. I have yet to get my hands on a good vegan, raw protein powder anyway (though, I know they are out there).

What's your favorite way to use coconut milk? What's your favorite brand or do you only use it straight from the coconut? 

Have a blessed, sunshiny day! Oh, and don't forget to enter my FIRST ever giveaway! One reader will win TWO soy candles from Candles from Phebes! Enter now!!

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  1. Thanks for this easy and more economical recipe. Also, thanks for the intro to Native Forest. I always hestitate with canned anything (except for Eden Organics) because of BPA. Good to know this one is BPA-free. Yay!

  2. I know what you mean...I'm very hesitant myself with cans. I was thrilled to find out that this company is smart about this!! Oh, and I didn't know that about Eden Organics! Thanks for the info!

  3. Yes, Eden Organics is AWESOME! Love love love them. They're a little more pricey but I think that's to be expected when it's organic. They carry a lot of beans if you like those. I think they even do ready-made chili and tomatoes but I've never had those.

  4. Thanks! I will have to try them out! It is so empowering just to be aware of healthier options for things, isn't it?

  5. Hey Kelly! I think you might want to check out my latest post! ;)

  6. Thanks Lauren! I did and I'm a very happy girl!

  7. Looove me some coconut milk! I've never made it from fresh coconut meat, but I've been meaning to try this trick with the canned milk. I think the addition of a little protein is a good idea. As long as you don't use too much, I've found Sun Warrior to be pleasant-tasting and not terribly chalky.

  8. Thanks! I will have to try some Sun Warrior sometime. I see it all over blogosphere.


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