JustNatural Organic Skincare: A Review

Hello Blogosphere!! By the sounds of it..many of you are attending the Food Buzz Festival in San Francisco this weekend. I am not one of them, unfortunately...one of these years I will (fingers crossed). I think it would be great fun to go and finally meet those bloggers who I converse with about healthy foods, fitness, and overall wellness. One of these years I say...one of these years.

Really, though...I think that until I really start blogging more about food and dishing out those fantastic recipes to you- should I even dare attend one of these grand events for food bloggers? I'm thinking probably not YET! I'm working on it. Promise!

To all who are attending...I will live vicariously through your posts and tweets. ;-) Have lots of fun!

So, onto a review. I was recently sent a 4 oz container of Natural Body Shea Butter from JustNatural Organic Care to review on my blog.

You might recall I recently did a review on shea butter. I am in love with shea butter. This was my first time trying a shea butter with a mix of a variety of all natural skin loving ingredients. I am always a big fan of being able to pronounce all of the words in an ingredients list. If I can't read it or decipher what an ingredient is...well, it doesn't touch my skin.

This body butter is a lovely, thick, moisturizer for skin. It doesn't feel greasy, blends into the skin quickly, and has a lovely soft scent of frangipini (plumeria) and lavender essential oils. Very refreshing scent. I love putting this on right before bed as I find the scent very calming and relaxing. I give this a two thumbs up! Oh, before I forget...one other thing I like about this product is that a little bit goes along way, which is good because you wouldn't have to buy it as often (I like that). Who wouldn't,especially in this crazy economy? ;-)

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Have a great evening! Have a wonderful weekend!

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