Product Review: Tropics Best Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Hello all! Wow, it seems like ages since I've blogged. Well, let's just say that I could make up tons of excuses as to why my posts are few and far between these days...but, would you really want to hear "read" it? I'll just say busy busy are my days. When things slow down (which they will) I will post more. So, meanwhile....please be patient with me. ;-)

So, I happily received a jar of virgin coconut oil to test and review from the kind people over at Tropics Best.

Oh, I love coconut oil!

This is some yummy coconut oil! I would recommend this coconut oil to all coconut oil lovers and to coconut lovers, in general. This truly is full of coco-nutty flavor, which scores big in my book!

As someone who loves to try out new coconut oil brands, as I am on the hunt for the "best", I was very pleased and came to the conclusion after using this coconut oil that this jar makes me happy (well, the stuff inside the jar). It did not disappoint! Fresh and yummy!

Well, I better go...I realize this is yet another short post..I beg for your patience. ;-)
Have a lovely evening! Continue to stay tuned for fun things to come on this blog. Really, I'm serious. For starters..I've got a CSN gift card giveaway coming up.You won't want to miss out on that one. Trust me!

*Tropics Best supplied me with a jar of coconut oil to review on my blog. All of the opinions posted within the post were mine and mine alone. I simply share my honest opinions to those who will listen.


  1. Kelly!
    I just LOVE coming here. You inspire me & make me miss yummy fresh coconut water!! Hehe ~ :)

    Thanks for your encouraging words!

    Oh also, I finally fixed my blog button!

    Thanks lovely!!


  2. Yay! I will have to add your button to my blog soon! Thanks for letting me know!

  3. I am so with you on coconut products. Virgin coconut oil was very helpful in seeing me through a number of digestive disorders I suffered from many years ago (8 years ago?). At that time I was on a highly restricted diet and DYING so I made a spread out of virgin coconut oil and organic flax oil, which is a magical combination. I actually used that nutritional basis for creating a new, innovative butter sustitute called "Melt" (www.meltbutteryspread.com), which I worked very hard on making the tastiest, yummiest (and healthesit) butter substitute on the market. I hope its a product you come across some day and give a try. Its organic, high in Omega 3s and medium chain fatty acids (preaching to the choir) and its organic. Have a great weekend and keep up the awesome blog.

  4. Yummm! coconut oil is my fave thing to put on almost everything! Do you use it often in your day??


  5. Kris, Yes..I multi-use coconut oil. Use it for baking, moisturizers, just straight up. It's one of my favorite things!


I appreciate YOUR happy, loving comments!

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