CSN Stores Giveaway Winner!

Hi All!
 This is going to be an itty bitty post...I simply wanted to make sure you all knew the lucky winner to the CSN Stores giveaway....

Sorry for the quite unattractive picture of the number generator results..I will eventually learn how to put the results page into the post and not just snap a picture of it on my camera..until then that time...this will have to do.

So, the winner is...comment number 23. Who is number 23? The fabulous raw chef, Amber Shea, that's who! She has a great blog, which I love...http://almostveganblog.com/.

Congrats, Amber Shea!

So, like I said..this was an itty bitty post. Ever have one of those days when your head is pounding? It's one of those rare days for me..my sinuses aren't treating me so kindly. ;-(

Must close my eyes..looking at a computer screen isn't something I want to do. I think a nap (before the kids finish up their quiet time) will be in order. ;-)

Have a wonderful day!

Be back soon.



  1. WOOHOO! Thank you thank you!
    I haven’t gotten your email yet, but I’ll email YOU!

  2. Congrats to Amber! Hope you're feeling better soon.

  3. Hope your sinuses clear up, girl!!!


    Much luV!

  4. Thanks for the sweet comments, ladies! I seem to get sinus issues once a year...just a part of life, I guess. I need to get to the root of the problem and maybe the infections will stop. That would be lovely! ;-)


I appreciate YOUR happy, loving comments!

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