Chemical vs. Barrier Sunscreens...

Hello all!!

So....it is summer time. YAY!!

My family and I pretty much live outside this time of year either at the beach or by the pool.

We also LOVE getting our healhty doses of vitamin D from the sun!

But...we do have to be safe about too much sun. Sunburns are bad. I, for one come from a family who has a history with skin cancer. Definitely no fun, either!

So...I have to be careful that my family and I keep our skin protected.

(If you follow my other blog you may recognize some of these photos)

Like I said we spend a great deal of time at the beach or the pool...

Lately our natural (chemical free) sunscreen just hasn't been cutting it. Not cool. Everywhere I turn it seems I see people slathering chemical sunscreen on their kids (and the kids are not getting burned like ours), and even my sweet hubby is starting to think that maybe we need to switch to a "less healthy one". Oh, don't misunderstand me...I'm not saying that I think those parents are bad in any way for choosing to use those sunscreens..not at all am what i saying that. What I am saying is is that I have done a great deal of research (after someone I know mentioned something about chemical vs.barrier sunscreens) and I personally have made the choice not to use them for my family. I am simply noticing what others are using and also noticing that my kids are more pink then they should be, in my opinion.

The natural brand we are currently using needs reapplied after EVERY time the kids get the water. Practical? No.

So...I am looking else where and am not going to throw in the natural sunscreen towel just yet (in fact, I'v got two more brands I'm going to be trying out this week and they can be found at Target..yeah, right down the road from us). I will let you know what brands those are and what I think about them on a different post.

I came across this website that I have found to be very informative. Please check it out and let me know what you think!

I am also consulting friends on this matter and getting their recommendations on natural sunscreens...obviously, I am looking for one that does have some lasting power in water. I also understand the importance of wearing proper clothing, shade, and times of day I have my kids in the sun (all important factors).

Anyone else do any research on chemical vs. barrier sunscreens? Google it. So much info that was shocking to me at first, but it makes so much sense when I really started thinking about it.

Also...any recommendations on your favorite sunscreens? I'm all ears...

Peace & Love,

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