Libre Giveaway Winner!

Hi All!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

We had a busy one, yet a relaxing one, too! What a great combination! Did you all do anything fun? Anything relaxing?

Oh, and before I get to the winner...

{sorry to those who already read about this part on my other blog, catching wildflowers}
I recently decided to finally go ahead and start a project 365, where I take a picture a day for a year. So, I started it on June 2, 2011 and if all goes well will be finishing it on June 2, 2012.
I am so excited to be able to look back and see an entire year through photos. This isn't really new to me as I take photos everyday anyway, but making sure it happens and edited and then posted is another thing, ;-)

Some photos will be taken via cell phone (as sometimes all you got is this little device, yes?) but, my favorites and best quality photos will come, i'm sure, from my dslr. I am somewhat obsessively attached to my nikon (someday though, I will save up enough pennies for my canon eos 5d mark II, though) . ;-) Being so close to my camera means it is literally hanging from my neck most days, and I'm okay with this attachment. ;-)

Anyone else doing a 365 photo project?

Anywhoo...check out this slideshow and if you are on flickr let me know...would love to see your photos, too! ;-)

Photography is my most favorite outlet for creativity. I am wanting to grow and learn as much as I can about the art.

Now for the important stuff...the winner!!!

The winner of the Libre Glass Tea giveaway is Julie Lynn #11. Julie has been contacted via email.

Congrats, Julie!

Have a fantastic day, everyone.

Be safe, be healthy, be happy!

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