"Make it a Great Day!" Optimism is Healthy.

The following short video of my daughter are simply words of wisdom from a pint-sized individual..;-) Words to truly live by. My kids mimic me when I say this to them (yes, complete with the cheesy thumbs up and all)...I thought this was pretty precious and had to share! Remember, you can CHOOSE to have a GREAT day! When you wake up in the morning you can choose to have either a bad day or a good day. Rough times are certain..I mean, seriously, this is life and no one lives in a bubble. It's how we choose to look at our day that will determine if life's struggle will weaken us or make us stronger. In my humble opinion, I would say that attitude and our level of optimism would affect our wellness journey as well. If we are happy our bodies may just follow suit.
Optimism wasn't always something that came naturally to me..in fact, just like my wellness journey, it is a daily adventure. In my past (well, honestly, I believe it creeps up on me every now and then still) I suffered from very poor self esteem. I wasn't very optimistic at those times..So, I have made up my mind to instill optimism to my children..When people are optimistic it is contagious, just like a smile is.

Make it a great day! from Kelly Chambers on Vimeo.

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