Water Kefir, New Beginnings, & World Travel

Hi! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! It has been super busy and simply crazy around here.
Well, let's see...let's start with my new healthy project. Last week I ordered some water kefir grains from Erin, The Awesome Water Grains Lady and this week I started my first batch of homemade water kefir. I've got my first batch brewing in a kitchen cabinet as we speak, and I should be able to taste test it tonight as it has been the required 48 hour fermenting time period. Yep, I am excited!!

Are you aware of all the benefits of consuming probiotics (all those friendly bacteria)? I have just recently discovered that about 80% of our immune system is found in our gut. (Unsure of where I came across this awesome information-will post when I find it). With this new found knowledge I decided I would begin my family on some water kefir. I am nervous and excited all at the same time. I realize that fermenting means there is alcohol, so I will be careful of that. To my understanding the amount of alcohol in water kefir is actually quite small and we will start out slooowwwllyyyyyy. Small amounts to start, for sure.

*My first batch of water kefir brew*

Later on, after I get the grains established I will experiment with other recipes.( A nifty little list of recipes was included with my order..yay!) One that I am looking forward to trying is the coconut water kefir. I love coconut water so this one only seems natural!!

Other exciting news of the week: My hubby, who is a Civil Engineer, stepped out onto his own. He is embarking on the journey of starting up his own Civil Engineering firm. This is so exciting as he has been working very hard towards this goal for years. I am so proud of him and know that he will do amazing things.

Go check out my hubby's website. He has done some amazing design work. Let me know what you think!! www.rockychambers.com

Being that we only have one computer (yes, we haven't YET joined the world of laptop owners) my postings will generally only fall on Sundays (this past Sunday didn't happen as we had a birthday party to attend). He is working from home now which is great but interesting all at the same time: trying to keep 2 of our kids (under the age of five) and the other kids I babysit during the week quiet is sometimes challenging. But, God is so good and I know we can do this as he finds clients and eventually gets his own office. I am thankful for babysitting moolah as it is paying for us to eat right now. ;-)

We finished the week off with a bang: with an amazing couple's massage (which we had won at their open house) at Body Mechanics Massage Therapy in Ooltewah, TN. Oh this was an absolutely PERFECT way to end the week. Every tension ache and pain was soothed away. Very relaxing!! Wonderful massage therapists!

We also discussed the possibility of taking a couple of years off (after we make enough during the next two years to pay the house off as well as the student loans) My husband is planning on planting an extensive vineyard and orchard here on our property so, needless to say...I am NOT wanting to sell. So, after all of those biggies are payed off we may just hit the open seas on a sailboat. Hey why not?? As my sweet husband put it, "What better way to teach the kids about geography than to travel the world?" I plan on homeschooling them for a couple of years, so I could just as easily "sea school" them. hahahaha! More to come on the the adventures of sailing around the world to come later. Stay tuned!

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