Sea Travel Planning, Kefir Review, and Green Monsters

Hello to all! I hope this past week has found everyone doing great! Did you notice that I changed the title of my blog again?? Yep, I sure did. Honestly, there seems to be lots of spin off on the phrase 'peace love and happiness' on other blogs...so, I chose to change. It was my attempt at setting myself apart in a little way, I suppose. Don't we all try to be unique? It's either that, or well....I'm fickle. Yes, I'm that too (at times, but becoming less fickle as I get older...at least in my opinion) So, I started to analyze how I eat in general. I came to the conclusion that I love plants! I love love love to eat as naturally and clean as possible.So that is where 'Mama Eats Plants' was born. Basically, as I slowly evolve into a better blogger my blog is evolving along with it. I am not scared to change things if they need changing...including the title. Just going with the flow..

My hubby and I are still discussing and coming up with a strategy to make the 'sail around the world' adventure come alive. We have been looking at sailboats. We are leaning towards a Catamaran at this point in time. Check out this awesome couple who up and decided to travel the world www.bumfuzzle.com. I have a feeling you will be truly inspired to set sail and get exploring. We are getting the bug for sure. Oh and also check out another family who is doing a similar adventure http://hackingfamily.com. Wow, there experiences and stories are awesome!!

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Come and check out those sites and then let me know if you they spark your sailing curiosity. Bet they will!

Water kefir update!! This week was our first week trying out the new water kefir. It went great. I started the family out small...just a bit every other day to make sure that it agreed with our tummies. No side effects were noted (or no one complained about any anyway). I have now increased us to consuming some homemade probiotic goodness daily. Yay! I can totally live with getting probiotics daily cheaply and easily. I also love the fact that it is a dairy free source! Right on! You seriously have to try this stuff!  Either order some or get some grains from someone else who is doing this!

I will continue to experiment with the water kefir recipe. As of now I have tried using Florida Crystal's natural cane sugar as my sugar base and have used a bit of sucanat or molasses for extra minerals. I am also using spring water (never use tap as the chlorine will kill the grains) and being that the goal is to keep the grains happy, remember this.) ;-) I am keeping the fermentation period to 48 hours...my attempt to keep the alcohol level lower. You can ferment up to five days. 48 hours is working out great for me and my crew! Oh and one other thing to remember is to never use metal with your grains like a metal strainer or metal utensils..always use plastic or glass!! Good to know, right?? ;-)

So how are my kids liking the taste of the kefir? Well, so glad you asked...my daughter loves it plain, as do I. My husband, Rocky (yes, his REAL name) and my son do not. So we come to a happy little compromise and I put it in GREEN MONSTER and it works. If you are unfamiliar with green monsters aka green smoothies, check out the green monster movement site and see this wonderful resource  that  Angela from Oh She Glows blog got started. You won't be disappointed! Lots of yummy recipes found there! Green Smoothies are a great way to pack in lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Yay for nutrient-packed foods!! Gotta love foods that make our insides happy and strong all while making our taste buds sing. Oh yea!

Have you tried water kefir? How about green smoothies? Ever travel the world by boat or maybe tossed the idea around?  I would love to hear from you...please let me know if you've struck gold in any of these avenues! Have a great week!

I've got so much more to say, but will have to wait for next post. Must go for a run, do some push-ups and some ab work...and hubby will need the only (and lonely) computer for work soon,too! (We MUST get a laptop when we are able. My posts will be more frequent at that time I'm hoping.-Yay!) At least for now...I have my once a week posting..that keeps me sane. I would explode if I couldn't share my love of health. Anywho, starting your own business takes time, and I am so proud of Rocky! He is such a talented, hard worker. I admire him greatly! Go check out My Dear Husband's Site...it's coming along nicely! Still trying to come up with a slogan for his business. Any ideas? ;-)

 For breakfast this morning I've got Easy Vegan Overnight Oats waiting for us. My kids love it and so do I! It's a win-win, I tell ya!  I really need to get me some fancy bowls and parfait glasses like Angela (A blog that I love, if you can't already tell).

Peace & Love!

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  1. Aww thanks for the link lovin'! =) Your blog is great! Thank you for leaving me such a nice comment.

  2. No prob...I am so happy your blog is full of such great resources and recipes! It's very inspiring to me!

  3. Anonymous6/16/2010

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