Sushi, New Additions, Hitchhikers, and Little Feet

Hi! Wow, this post is a bit late..life has been so very busy lately! Must take a breather..

So let's see...well, you might have noticed I changed the name of my blog again. I am a silly girl and naming things can get so fun for me that I just can't stop. It's a gift and a curse? Okay, it's pretty much just silly I know. Maybe I'm done??

We have been really working hard on getting Rocky new clients for his civil engineering business. Check out Rocky's website if you haven't already. Honestly, it is fun working with Rocky on this project. I'm enjoying it! He really is a creative person that is super talented at whatever he chooses to do. His career choice was no exception.

So, needless to say that blogging has taken the back burner for a bit. I will post when I can. I really shouldn't be posting as I have a long list of things I need to be doing RIGHT NOW, but you are worth it. And for my sanity, I must.

Well...for Father's day (yes, this is a bit late) I made Rocky sushi for the first time. He had been asking me for while to make it and I never had. I just so happened to stumble across an awesome recipe for it at The Neverhomemaker blog.  It turned out great, based on my husband's reactions. Yay! I don't think I could ever be a good foodie as I forgot to take a picture of the finished product (shame shame, I know). But, go grab the recipe at the Neverhomemaker site and see pictures of it, too. It was yummy!
Some of the yummy ingredients

We have been having a problem with Indian moths lately, and they have been trying to get into all of my grains. They are driving me crazy. They have managed to destroy some rice and dried beans. I wasn't a happy camper. They WILL not mess with my 12 lbs of chia seeds and my lovely oats (which I use so often for VOO and savoury oats)...mason jars to the rescue! Since I can't refrigerate or freeze the chia seeds I am taking extra precautions. So, not only am I putting the chia seeds in the mason jars, but then I am placing them in a plastic bin..paranoid much??? 

I am also being a superhero for my precious maca powder!!

I believe I have the problem under control (that's what you get when you eat naturally, I'm afraid). I discovered that they (indian moths) can hitchhike home with you from the grocery store. So uncool! Always be sure to check your packages of grains and such before leaving the store. Look for little holes as that is a big clue.

Moving on...I LOVE Chaco sandals! Wearing these are kind of like slipping your feet into a cloud...wonderfully confortable! I have high arches and these suit me perfectly! I'd wear them for every occasion if I could. People that know me would agree. So, here in this picture Miss Sunshine is trying on my beloved shoes and I just had to snap a picture..yes, they have been busy working out in the garden with the kids and I, and well...could use a good cleaning.

Look at those precious little piggies!! 

Other news on the homefront....
We have a couple new additions...Little Man saved up enough moolah and bought himself a couple goldfish. He named them Rockstar and Rocket. Seriously. 

Little Man is very thrilled to finally have his fish, though you really can't tell by looking at his face in this shot. 

Little Miss Sunshine looking at Rocket and him...well, looking at her. Kind of looks like it doesn't it?

Any of you ever have a problem with Indian Moths? How did you deal? 
Anyone wear/have worn Chaco sandals? Love them? Hate them?

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  1. Brilliant idea with the mason jars. Why have never thought to use them for storage??? I just keep going out and buying those containers with the hinged lids (have no clue how to explain them).

  2. Yucky moths! Have never had to deal with them but if I did, I'd be storing things just like you. Paranoia or not, makes sense to me! ha ha! And I love those lil piggies! I love my son's piggies as they're chubby so love those pics you shared. Never tried chaco sandals but used to have some tevas back in the say. The chacos look more comfy. Congrats on the new fishie! I like the colorful rocks too. I'm enjoying life being pet-fish-free but I'm sure one day we'll have one or more. It's inevitable right?

  3. Rosie, yes...with kids I'd say inevitable. But, of course there are always the exceptions...I just don't recommend hamsters because their life span is super short. ;-( This is just a memory from my childhood.) Parakeets...now, those are good pets as far as lifespan and they are fairly easy to keep. When I was younger I had a parakeet for about ten years. Enjoy the pet-free life while you can! ;-)

  4. look at all that MACA! Love it!

    the stevia plant...call around to various high end/specialty garden ctrs in your area...you might get lucky and they may have plants!


I appreciate YOUR happy, loving comments!

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