Fall Means...

Glimpses from our camping trip this past weekend! We had a blast! Wonderfully cool weather, and even better company!  Twinkling stars, emerging Fall colors on the trees.. What better way to enjoy Fall than with a fun camping trip?? !! Let's see, Fall time means...

 Photo taking

Loving Looks at the Hubby

Canoeing with Sweet Girl

Canoeing with Sweet Boy

Family Time

Deep Thoughts

Music Playing

Tree Climbing

Resting in Trees

Visions from a Tree

Beautiful hiking views
So, have you pulled out your tents yet and slept beneath the stars this Fall? 

What does Fall mean to you?

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  1. Gorgeous. I haven't been camping in eons. My idea of camping involves a cabin with running water ;-)

  2. Oh, what a lovely-looking camping trip! I haven't been yet this year, and as winter fast approaches, it looks like I might have to wait until next year. Your pictures make me want to pack up and go right now, though!

  3. Looks like such a great time! :)

    We haven't been camping in a while. We love to though and wanted it to happen this year, but it hasn't. ..Maybe there's still time.. hmmmm..

  4. Wow..fall camping is so beautiful! I didn't get a chance to go camping this year:( I like camping when there aren't a million people around so this might be a great time to go!

  5. Hi Kelly,
    I love these photos!

    Thank you for following my blog... I love yours. =)

    -- Taylor

  6. Kelly! Thanks so much for following my blog! I loved reading about you and your beautiful family! I look forward to learning from your perspective on healthy living.

    Also, I don't know if this is how you've connected to me or not, but I noticed you graduated from SAU 4 years before I did!!


  7. Gorgeous pics!
    Fall, to me, means hoodies 'n jackets and apple cider 'n hot cocoa :D

  8. Melanie, I'm glad you stopped by the blog! And no...I had no idea you went to SAU! What a small world!!!! I just came across your blog and loved it!


I appreciate YOUR happy, loving comments!

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