My Love for Exercise plus a Wheat Grass Juicer Review!

Hello! How's your day going so far? I am off to a busy start today. Yesterday was an absolutely amazing day...the weather was gorgeous! I took advantage of it by getting in a great run and some abdominal work (well, I actually did the ab work inside, but you get my point.) ;-) I am especially loving the plank these days. What a great way to target the areas of the abs!! What a great core exercise!  Don't you just love a good workout? I love going running...it helps clear my mind and is so rejuvenating! Today I am feeling the pain from that ab workout and it is making me smile. It's the simple things in life, you know!

So, right now I have tons I need to be accomplishing! I am going to take a bit of a break to tell you about a package I recently got in the mail. Have I mentioned how I love getting packages in the mail?? Yes, I do love those sweet packages!  Speaking of sweet.. the people over at Lexen sent me one of their HealthyJuicers to review. I was super excited to receive this juicer as I have been wanting to get more into juicing wheat grass and  have been looking to compare wheat grass juicers. The health benefits are plenty of wheat grass!

So, onto the review...here is some pictures from some of the multiple practice sessions I had with it.

First off...wheat grass!

I love the way wheat grass shines in the sun!

The HealthyJuicer-the manual version!

The wheat grass and juicer team!

First taste of the wheat grass juice...yum!
I was very happy with how this juicer juiced the wheat grass. An electric would have obviously done the job much faster, but I was very impressed with how well it did the juicing. I would definitely take this juicer with me traveling as it is super light and easy to clean. Here is a picture where you can see all the pieces..

Now...on to making some apple cider with the juicer....

Since I had an extra box of apples (oh, I love Fall) I thought some apple cider making was in order. 

I made sure to slice the apples thinly as this made the juicer work more efficiently.  

Team: Apple and Juicer

Apples in position...

Apples and juicer doing their thing...

Carrots met the juicer, too!
Overall, I was very happy with how the juicer juiced the wheat grass, apples, and celery. It was super easy to clean and to put together. I recommend this product especially for juicing on the go away from home. I would love to eventually buy their electric juicer!


For my product review disclosure see here.
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  1. Great post. This may be the most informative post I have seen on the Lexen Healthy Juicer. I have one and like it alot.

  2. We have this juicer too. It works pretty well for a handcrank. I'm not a huge wheatgrass fan (fresh) but my hubby is so this is great to have. And it's so easy to grow your own wheatgrass so you have shots whenever you need/want them!

  3. So it works well for more than just wheatgrass? Looks cool. Love the murky-looking apple juice, mmm.

  4. Amber, yep..it worked great on the apples, too! The carrots were a bit more of a challenge but still did the job.

  5. Wow you really does have a very healthy lifestyle! It's a good thing that you love your juicer, I think it really suits your lifestyle.


I appreciate YOUR happy, loving comments!

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