Product Review: TofuXpress

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all are off to a great start! I've got lots to do...the list is long.

I was thrilled to try out the TofuXpress. I'm sure some of you may already be familiar with this fabulous device, maybe from other blogs. It makes me smile when I get to try out a new product that I believe my readers would enjoy. The TofuXpress was no exception.

The Tofuxpress has proven to be a real time saver in the kitchen, especially when I prepare tofu. (Anything I can do to save time in the kitchen scores big with me). I remember back in the day when I would have to load up the paper towels (I know, not environmentally friendly) and put the tofu in between plates to push out the excess water. Oh, those days are over now that I've discovered this nifty kitchen gadget.

Say hello to my new friend for the kitchen!

So, I had to try out the goodness of this gadget upon receiving. Unfortunately, the pictures are not the best as I was not impressed with the tofu I had to work with. It was an extra firm tofu, but not as firm and easy to work with as Nasoya or a similar brand. So, pics of the finished product do not exist. I've recently received a coupon for Nasoya brand and will be getting more tofu soon (oh, how love coupons)...so, I will post again with better tofu pictures soon. This post will at least give you some visuals of how it all works. ;-)

But until then...on to exploring new kitchen friend..

The TofuXpress waiting to do its magic!

Tofu, gets into position!

Getting things into place!

About ready for tofu take-off!

The excess water is squeezed out and then just drained off. Easy peasy!!

Now, we don't eat copious amounts of tofu at my house, but when we do eat it it is nice to have a tool that will cut the prep time down, as well as make the finished product much better tasting. It truly makes sauteing, frying, or baking that much better. The flavors of the tofu seem to pop quite a bit more, which is a plus!! 

I was very pleased with how the TofuXpress easily squeezed out all of the excess water from the tofu! I highly recommend this product. I am looking forward to getting some more tofu and experimenting some more with my new friend. ;-) Now...if it would only do dishes, too. ;-)

Have you ever tried a TofuXpress? Do you eat tofu? If yes, what is your favorite way to prepare it? Any yummy recipes you'd like to share? 

Have a wonderfully blessed day! Smile lots!

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  1. I haven't tried the TofuXpress yet, but it is on my want list. I love scrambled tofu and fried tofu. So far those are my two favorite ways to eat it. I can't wait for my life to be made easier with the TofuXpress. :o)
    Hope you have a great week!

  2. I hear ya...I wish it could make life in general easier..even outside the kitchen. ;-)

  3. This is great! I bet it comes in handy..luv it!

  4. I love the TofuXpress! I never used to bother pressing and draining tofu, because who really needs even MORE dishes to do? :)

  5. Amber Shea, I know exactly what you mean! That is my least favorite part of meal making...ah, the dreaded dishes!

  6. love your banner!

    We eat tofu from time to time but I've seen the tofuxpress and have wanted one. I think they're so cool! Thanks for your review.

  7. This sounds really cool! I have never cooked with tofu but my hubby loves a tofu dish at a local restaurant and I'd love to attemp it at home. TGIF :)

  8. i need to get one of these!! we don't use tofu alot, i have a couple recipes that we love and that's typically the only time i purchase it! here is a great recipe that i found a while ago and my whole family makes it now!



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