Beauty can Bite

I came across this earlier today and thought it was important to share...

I, for one, never use to spend much time thinking about what I put on my skin. I thought, "hey, it's got to be safe, otherwise the makers of the make-up, lotions, etc couldn't sell it." WRONG! This couldn't be further from the truth. 

One day, can't remember the exact day...sorry. ;-) I learned about the dangers lurking in those "harmless products." 

When I discovered a toxic ingredient in a product and then proceeded to research more on that particular ingredient I was shocked..uh, gross!! This was the case for any toxin I just happened to come across..each one was eye opening.

Oh, how I wish I had been educated on this sooner. But, alas...since I can't go back and I can only look forward and choose to make better choices.. that is what I will do.

The skin is the body's largest organ, did you know that? I didn't know that for the longest time. Makes sense that what we put on our skin should be just as important as what we eat, as what we put on the outside will eventually be absorbed into our bodies through our pores and into our bloodstream and cells...

Oh...just the thought of all of the sunless tanner I used to cover my fair and freckly skin with turns my stomach. (not even mentioning the make-up,etc) Live and learn...I have learned.

I am learning day by day new things...things I did not know about years ago. It is interesting to see how much I have changed as the years go by.  I am trying to rid my system of toxins that I have bombarded my system with throughout the years...in doing so I have done some changing of my ways when it comes to make-up and  products I use on my skin. 

My rule is pretty simple..and I try to live by this as much as I can (though I am not perfect): don't put it on my skin unless I'd want to eat it, too.

Here is a site I have found to be pretty helpful in taking a closer look at cosmetics and such: cosmetics database

So...what do I currently use?

Here are somethings I like to use on my skin and hair...

Make-up: Currently in the process of switching from Bare Minerals (as it isn't as healthy as I once thought). So, I'm still in research mode for the mineral make-up scene. Anyone use any mineral make-up that they love and would be interested in recommending to me? 

Now...granted I wouldn't want to "eat" mineral make-up, but I think you get my drift. ;-)

Lotions: raw, unrefined shea butter as well, as yep you guessed it...extra virgin coconut oil. 

Shampoo/conditioning rinse: Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar (I love the no-poo method). It works beautifully and my hair is very clean...and talk about inexpensive!!

Leave- in hair conditioners: (used when needed) raw unrefined shea butter, extra virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil.

Facial Masks: something I am currently experimenting with. Will update this when I find something I really like.

Anyone else have any natural body care products you like? Any homemade natural body care recipes you'd like to share? I'd be so thankful. ;-)

Have a naturally beautiful day everyone!


P.S. Stay tuned...I have some fun giveaways in store for you all. ;-)


  1. Anonymous3/08/2011

    Have you ever tried an avocado facial mask?? Or honey??
    AnnMarie Gianni has a wonderful line of face/skin products and they are so pure that you could technically eat them!! I haven't tried them - but I have heard they are great!!

  2. i have not tried avocado or honey YET, but have heard wonderful things about them used as a facial. I must try this soon. Thanks! Also, I've never heard of AnnMarie Gianni...if it's good enough to eat then I'll be taking a look at them. Thanks again.

  3. Anonymous3/08/2011

    she is from Renegade Health...here is her stuff...http://store.renegadehealth.com/Bath-Beauty-c5/
    its a little pricey, but I am sure it is worth every penny!!
    I have done a brown sugar exfoliating scrub before and it was awesome!!! I melted coconut oil and mixed in some brown sugar and scrubbed my face with it and then let it sit for a bit before washing it off!!! Invigorating!!!


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