Oh The Joys of My Vitamix!

Product Spotlight: Vitamix Blender 
Please note that I am not, in any way, connected to Vitamix...I simply LOVE the product! 

I have gone through my share of blenders in my day. The Vitamix,is by far, the best one I have used thus far. I have used it to make homemade peanut butters (which, if I can't buy Smucker's Natural or happen to have bought lots of peanuts in bulk, I choose to make my own. One of my biggest pet peeves is peanut butter with all those nasties added like hydrogenated oils and sugars.I mean, seriously, why ruin a good thing? Leave well enough alone!

I have also made almond butters in the Vitamix. I currently am trying my hand at making soups in the Vitamix. I also use the Vitamix daily for my beloved green smoothies. 

The Vitamix is amazing at grinding things up..oh, I have fried some blender motors in the past..this one really does seem to keep up with my frequent use. I have been very pleased with this product. I would say that it is my favorite kitchen gadget thus far! I am looking forward to eventually getting the Vitamix dry blade for grinding up my own grains! Product review to come on that when it is finally in my kitchen. ;-)

We enjoyed the above smoothie for lunch today..yum yum.
Here is the recipe for the smoothie:

Lots of organic spinach (I would say about three large handfuls)
handful of green grapes
5 strawberries
fresh ground flaxseeds
3 organic Fuji apples
2 bananas
1 kiwi

Yummy and oh so filling!

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